Onion Maiden

Vegetable-based asian and american comfort food
Composting Efforts At Onion Maiden
Compostable Items in Use:
Certified Cups, Certified Cup Lids, Certified Cutlery, Non-Certified Bags, Non-Certified To-Go Containers
Food or other organic waste, serviceware items such as cups, plates, etc.

Composts With:

Compostable: soup cups, to go utensils, bags, ramekins, napkins, baked good bags Bio degradable: paper boxes Plastic: clear prepackaged containers.

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More About Onion Maiden

Onion maiden is a punk rock-fueled, heavy metal-spawned food purveyor specializing in vegetable-based asian and american comfort food.

​We are partnered with our friends at worm return to compost any food waste and we make it our priority to use eco friendly products.