Purposeful composting. Positively impacting climate change.
Composting Service
Composting Efforts At AgRecycle
Compost Services Provided:
Business Pick-Up, Public Drop-off Locations
Kinds of Compostable Serviceware Accepted:
All BPI-Certified Only
More About AgRecycle

Saving Organic Material From Becoming Landfilled

AgRecycle was founded in 1991, with the belief that the largest portion of the organic waste stream can be beneficially transformed to improve soil fertility and health while greatly diminishing the escape of greenhouse gases that are deteriorating our atmosphere. AgRecycle was first commercial composting enterprise in the United States founded by a woman and remains woman owned.
We have been making composts since 1991, exclusively using scraps and trimmings that were otherwise landfill bound. Sunshine and rainwater are the only additives to our process.

AgRecycle runs composting sites fully permitted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and approved by the federal government. Our permit allows us to compost the following items: Agricultural materials, cardboard and certain wax coated cardboard, certified compostable products, food processing wastes, food residuals pre and post consumer, herbivore manures including bedding, land clearing items, paper, spent mushroom substrate, virgin papermill sludge, wood waste (untreated) and yard waste.

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