The Compost People

Residential Compost Pick-up Service
Composting Service
Composting Efforts At The Compost People
Compost Services Provided:
Residential Pickup
Kinds of Compostable Serviceware Accepted:
All BPI-Certified Only
the compost people
More About The Compost People

The Compost People is a residential compost pick-up service that cares about decreasing  waste and environmental impact while improving soil for generations to come. We want to help you to do the same.  

97% of food waste generated ends up in landfills, and this food waste creates harmful Methane.  Composting is a scientifically proven method of reducing carbon/methane emissions! It also greatly reduces landfill use and instead closes the loop on food waste by giving it a second life as a beneficial use material.  We have a responsibility to future generations to improve the health of our earth. Composting is an important part of that goal.

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