Worm Return

Providing composting services to the City of Pittsburgh and beyond
Composting Service
Composting Efforts At Worm Return
Compost Services Provided:
Residential Pickup, Business Pick-Up, Public Drop-off Locations
Kinds of Compostable Serviceware Accepted:
All BPI-Certified Only
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More About Worm Return

Worm Return is a female-owned, socially responsible organic material diversion company providing composting services to the City of Pittsburgh and beyond. Our goal is to keep food scraps out of landfills and create soil amendments high in nutrients and valuable microbial life in the process. Founded by life-long environmentalist, Laura Totin Codori, Worm Return has been diverting food scraps from the landfill since January 2018. Our goal is to educate the public that Organic Material + Landfills = Greenhouse Gases! 

We can provide: composting services for businesses and households, interactive seminars at schools and events, or consulting on waste solutions for restaurants, home owners, garden groups, urban farms, and more!

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