Zero Waste Wrangler

Bringing compostables collection to one business… one household at a time
Composting Service
Composting Efforts At Zero Waste Wrangler
Compost Services Provided:
Residential Pickup, Business Pick-Up, Residential Drop-Off
Kinds of Compostable Serviceware Accepted:
All BPI-Certified Only
Zero Waste Wrangler Loco + compost bucket
More About Zero Waste Wrangler

This is not your backyard composting program. When managing over one hundred tons of compostable materials including meat, cheese, bread, and all the carbon-rich stuff needed to build a balanced composting process, one needs a reliable partner to process the materials responsibly. Zero Waste Wrangler currently works with AgRecycle to manage most of the organic materials that it hauls.

ZWW is owned and operated by Kyle Winkler. Kyle is a former Recycling Supervisor for the City of Pittsburgh where he worked to support residential and commercial recycling. He received his degree in Environmental Sciences from Oregon State University and has worked in a wide range of waste related enterprises over the last 16 years including; wastewater treatment and recycling in the construction field, compost tea blends for horticultural and agricultural applications, and the assessment and implementation of compostables and recyclables collection programs for special events, business and municipalities. His passion for zero waste solutions has led him down many paths. His current project is the evolution of Zero Waste Wrangler starting with small and medium scale commercial compostables collection.