Adda Coffee & Tea House

A place for connection, conversation and community
Composting Efforts At Adda Coffee & Tea House
Compostable Items in Use:
Non-Certified Cups, Non-Certified Straws, Non-Certified Cutlery
Food or other organic waste, serviceware items such as cups, plates, etc.

Composts With:

Adda uses compostable straws, plastic and paper cups, and cutlery. Full transparency, we’ve had difficulty reliably sourcing compostable containers in the summer of 2021, but we put in the most effort possible to ensure we’re using compostable material wherever and whenever possible. We also compost our coffee grounds and other compostable goods for local gardens and through Zero Waste Wrangler.

More About Adda Coffee & Tea House

Āddā is the Bengali word for bringing people together to engage in the fine art of conversation. At Adda Coffee & Tea House, we believe the best way to gather is over an expertly-made cup of coffee or tea.

Adda is both a verb and a noun – the conversation itself and the place to have it. Whether you’re coming for something life-sustaining, like a refreshing drink, or something soul-sustaining like a friendly chat or viewing a beautiful piece of art, Adda is here to serve.

Through our partnerships with retailers like Verve Coffee Roasters and Rishi Tea & Botanicals, Adda is committed to sourcing the best possible coffees and teas from around the world and bringing them to your hands.

Through our local partnerships with bakeries, restaurants, artists, musicians and artisans, Adda gives you the best pieces of Pittsburgh to serve alongside our drinks.

‍But Adda isn’t just about what we can offer you, it’s also what we can give back to the community. Our work with our non-profit partners helps global and local communities, like ours, thrive.

At Adda, there are so many reasons to come together. Join us for our High Tea service and live music performances. Let us host your next event whether it be a meeting, a baby shower or a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons. Or, if you just need a quiet, airy corner and a strong cup of coffee, we’ve got a tucked-away table with your name on it.

–from business’ website