East End Food Coop

Full service natural and organic food market
Grocery Store
Composting Efforts At East End Food Coop
Compostable Items in Use:
Certified Bags
Food or other organic waste, serviceware items such as cups, plates, etc.

Composts With:

More About East End Food Coop

East End Food Co-op is a full service natural and organic food market located in Pittsburgh, PA. For over 40 years, we’ve been a trusted source for high-quality, nourishing food. As a local business, we support sustainable food, environmental responsibility, and our community. Our Co-op market is open to the public and membership is not required to make purchases.

On average, we compost 5,075 pounds of food scraps every month. For nearly 10 years we worked with Steel City Soils, a cooperatively-managed group that recycles food and yard waste to create high quality compost, to process food waste. We currently work with Zero Waste Wranglers, a locally-operated waste hauling company that transports our organic food scrapes to a local farm dedicated to rebuilding strip mined land.

–from Business’ website